Night Race

Sunday, March 06

The evening before the marathon races we have fun introductory event which can help to get into a merry mood and warm-up a little bit.


01. It is dark at Baikal at nights in March. If you are to take part in the Night Race we suggest you to grab a headlight and put it on when skating. It is nice and symbolic tradition when many people skating on ice with the lights. Do not go crazy about the speed. The main aim is to have fun and feel unity with others. It helps to awake your inner light.

02. The Night Race includes 100m race for kids to be held on a lit straight. Adults (from 17 years old) will skate 5 kilometers with a slow or moderate speed as the course does not have lighting for the exception of Start/Finish area.

03. In the end of the day we want you to get excited and feel friendly atmosphere. It helps to get into a festive mood to get ready for the main race. Have a light warm-up, joyful evening with like-minded people and good sleep afterwards to accumulate more energy for the second day.


Monday, March 07

You are full of motivation and excitement to gain unforgettable experience. Only the distance you are to skate separates you from your goal. It is time to take the challenge.


01. Skating marathon in not just a physical but also mental exercise. If you need a better understanding of what it is all about or gain additional inspiration, please spend a few minutes to run through our article “How skating marathon may change your life for the better”. When you read it try to focus on where your soul search is. Does it makes sense? If the answer is ‘YES’ it’s no doubt worth a try.

02. The length of the distances starts from 5 kilometers and goes up to 200k. Find the challenge which is right for your current physical and mental conditions today. Do not forget to take into account the weather. To feel excited about your achievement the challenge shall not be easy but also not extreme. Be realistic about your capabilities and nourish your appetite gradually.

03. When you are there enjoy your skating experience, feel the nature environment and have fun with the participants along the way. Do not forget to stop by the refreshment station from time to time. Hot drinks and some snacks will help to keep the stamina longer. Focus on your goal if the inner demons tell you to quit. You will go through this.

Tour on Lake

Tuesday, March 08

Baikal is the deepest and the biggest freshwater lake on Earth. It is surrounded by ancient history and myths. But the charisma of the lake is in the unique energetics. You will be introduced to all of that in a nutshell.


01. Our marathon course is situated not far away from some very popular travel destinations of Baikal. If you are still OK to skate and the ice is good we can go there on skates. Otherwise you can book a seat in a shuttle or air-cushion vehicle for some extra cash.

02. Exact plan of places to visit depends on weather and time available. But you will be able see at least some of those: Ogoy Island and/or Cape Burkhan at the Olkhon Island. And of course there will be some perfect places for taking photos along the way.

03. Each of those spots has special energetics. So before going there that might be useful to delve into yourself and find the weaknesses you truly want to get rid of. You could also form a good intention about how you could change your life for the better. And while you are at the place try to identify what you need to do to achieve that. You could also gain insights there into how to make your life-affirming dreams to become truth and how it could help other people. Take your time to interact with Baikal and it’s environment.This is not a ‘quickly see and go sightseeing’.

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