how ice skating marathon may change your life for the better

Lady looking at a frozen lake and a mountain to get ready for ice skating marathon

Skating marathon is the way to get motivated, escape the daily routine, get excited by skating in a natural environment, touch the roots of one of the most mature winter sports, restore your life energy capacity and health reserve...

01. Ice skating marathon is a personal challenge

A new challenge is always a new meaning of life. That happens with everyone when everyday routine makes our life boring and stuck. At such a moment we are in need of something special for real escape. Another vacation for a week or two to change the atmosphere might not be that effective. We need to achieve something meaningful to ourselves.

Participation in an ice skating marathon might be a worth trying task to accomplish. But to make that achievement meaningful it shall not be a piece of cake. Sometimes we even need to hike through our mind and soul a bit to find a good new proposition. If during that exercise we managed to hook something useful up there is no need to wait any longer.

Our dreams fuel the enthusiasm and ambitions which are essential to achieving new goals. But we also need to remember that they are all good if reasonable. In case we really want to, we can climb Mount Everest, but the undue risk is not a good helper to us. Reasonable planning in preparation for any marathon is a key to success. It is not a rocket science but time and affords are obviously needed to accomplish that.

02. It helps to strive for a balance as in real life

Probably we need to separate different meanings of the balance first. For skating, we obviously need to have a good feel of the balance to control our body and the blades. But even more important is that the decisions we make in life are well balanced. How can we practice that when think about ice skating marathon? By defining the golden mean between our ambitions on one hand and reasonable approach on the other.

The bar that is to become our goal in the event shall take into consideration different criteria similar to any other winter physical activity. Things like the distance and average speed we are to strive for as well as weather conditions all make sense. Which natural ice quality we goanna have or wind speed or snow force etc.? We will need to accept them as a matter of fact.

Luckily, we can vary the majority of the criteria. If the weather is too rough, it is better to enter the shorter distance. We definitely can be smarter with the distribution of the energy over the distance by putting the average speed a little bit down. If this is the first skating marathon for us and our skating skills far from being perfect, then the ambitions should be modest. Taking the shorter distance should allow to explore the real conditions and outline the next intermediate goal. It is important to get excited by skating and move the challenge difficulty up gradually. That pays off as the increase of motivation and strengthening the wish to go on.

03. New experience and mighty lift of emotion state

OK, the decision is made, we are in the game. But achieving the goal we set for the event is not all that makes us excited. We need to get thrilled along the way. Moving is living … When we learn skating technique basics we start to gain the speed which we are unused to. Practically it can be reached by rather easy moves of our body from side to side. It even can feel at some point like we are soaring over the ice surface. This is a very special feeling which amplified the better skating skill we develop.

The place where the ice skating marathon takes place has a great matter as well. If the excitement of skating is merged with a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature that is already something. Getting goosebumps by feeling the atmosphere of the unique place is an exceptional living experience. That gets us through completely. And that feeling is out of reach when we skate at a modern comfortable ice-rink in a big city. Let’s call it a meditation in motion with a mix of nature’s mightiest energy multiplier.

What can be better than our emotions shared with other marathon skaters like us completely blown away by that unique experience? In such deeply felt emotion state even significant physical exhaustion retreats quickly if we stop by a refreshment station for a cup of warm drink and some snacks from time to time. A few minutes later we are good to resume our race. Such events grab a special place in the continuum of our life experience, and we tend to challenge ourselves over and over again.

04. Regular skating practice makes us healthier

Physical activity like skating is earnest of the health. If we take preparation for an ice skating marathon seriously we start to build up our physical condition gradually before we finally go to the marathon. That means that we start to improve the health already before participation in the event. Thanks to our goal and motivation.

Our body uses most muscle groups, internal organs and systems during skating practice. And the best thing is that the training load is easily adjustable thus makes skating suitable almost for any age or level of physical conditions. Scientific research confirms that open-air training in winter substantially decreases body suffer from colds and other diseases.

05. This is a pathway to the roots of sport

Historically speed skating was originated from activities on lakes, rivers and channels. Democratic and simple nature of that activity made it very popular in winter time rather quickly. But technological progress in the last century led us to the global warming phenomenon. It became a serious obstacle for the further propagation of skating over the world. People made the ice artificial and then sheltered it under the roof.

The backside of that coin was a decrease of emotional effect from the activity. Speed skating has become a fate of professional skaters. Amateur skating at fancy illuminated ice-rinks with all contemporary amenities and services has become a modern fashion rather than passionate activity. To shot and post cool selfies is more important nowadays than the feelings we get while skating.

To summarise, we should say that the public ice skating marathon at open water ice is a diverse and unforgettable experience. It allows getting a true taste of one of the oldest and favourable winter activities. This is the place where the excitement of skating meets genuine nature environment and fills us up with the unique emotions and life experience. Taking part in a skating marathon outdoors is a must have event for those who would like to taste that flavor.

If you are in love with open-air ice skating or you have experience of participation in skating marathons, please share your impressions and feelings with other readers. The author of the most inspiring and motivational comment is to get a free entry to Baikal Skating Marathon or memorable gift!

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