The Scent Of Life

Gorgeous video of Armani and Joey Mantia at Baikal Lake

Shade of a skater at the ice of Baikal lake in Siberia, Russia
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Joey's transcript from the ad about skating

Skating is living on the edge. The ice is peaceful and strong that amplifies your speed. But the wind is the hostile traveler that wants to slow you down. You learn to trust your senses. And your silent struggle with the nature becomes a dance. At last the wind lets you pass. Nothing holds you back. That's the scent of freedom. The scent of life.

Six years ago, I was an inline skating champion on the top of my game. And I lost ground. I needed to confront the unknown again, so I turned to be ice. Today I've traveled 5000 miles to face the immense of the Baikal lake away from the rink. My wild dreams spread out onto the ice. There is nothing but an open track. No gun to go off. The ice will melt in a few weeks now. The sleepy water is getting inpatient under its frozen armor. So today I embrace this one final dance.

My name is Joey Mantia. I am 31 years old. And I am a world champion speed skater.

Joey Mantia filmed at Siberian Baikal lake, Russia by Giorgio Armani
Joey Mantia
Speed Skater

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